Boys Ballet

Young Boys start their training at age 7 with a basic technique class based on strength, coordination and athleticism. The older Boys refine their technique with more emphasis on the physical strength, power and the agility of the male dancer.


Boys Conditioning

The boys conditioning class consists of carefully constructed exercises, executed with individual supervision, focusing on correct placement and repetition. As the students become stronger the class progresses, using resistance bands as well as the students own body weight to develop muscular strength and control. This class works on the dancers over all strength with an emphasis on the upper body to prepare the boys for partnering.


In partnering class the boys work to instill a strong sense of balance, musicality, physical timing and the unity of movement with a partner. Boys are paired with age and technically appropriate girls. The class starts with exercises exploring trust, and progresses to mastering of the basic hand positions and holds. Once strength and coordination are evident, the class moves forward and learns more advanced lifts and turns.